Thursday 24 January
19.00-20.30 Keynote speech Flora Samuel Room 259, TU Dublin , Bolton Street
Conference Dinner Blas Cafe 26 King’s Inns St, Dublin 1
Friday 25 January
09.15-10.40 SESSION 1 AS FOUND Room 004, Rathdown House, Grangegorman Campus
Chair: Noel Brady
Portobello Harbour and the Ethics of Programme Sorcha O’Higgins
The Shanghai Fish Market: A Self-conscious Attempt to Modernise the Industry Zhengfeng Wang
Fragile Republic: Defragmenting the public space in Sarajevo’s Museums Quadrant Selma Harrington
09.15-10.40 SESSION 2 CONCEPTIONS Room 005, Rathdown House, Grangegorman Campus
Chair: Brian Ward
Identifying Human Factors on Architectural Output; A MEDS Byblos Case Study. Jack Lehane
From Figure Ground Patterns to Field Conditions Ebru Bingöl
The Field as a Critical Project Cameron McEwan
10.40-11.00 Coffee
11.00-12.40 SESSION 3 COMPOSTIONS Room 004, Rathdown House, Grangegorman Campus
Chair: Emma Geoghegan
Forced Displacment and Architecture: The Aftermath of a Pilot Study in Istanbul Gul Kacmaz
Urban Soundscape: Mapping the Acoustic Landscape of the Liberties Laura Doyle
Teaching a taste for architecture: introducing architectural design through the analogy of food production Margaret Mulcahy + Nicole Porter
“Wasn’t that a lovely sleep”. Observations from Andrew Birkin’s The Cement Garden Stephen Mulhall
11.00-12.40 SESSION 4 COMMON GROUND Room 005, Rathdown House, Grangegorman Campus
Chair: Sarah Sheridan
Gastronomy and architectural fictions; possible applications in transition regions Alastair Brook
Mutual Space – A history of common ground in England Anna Cooke
Creating infinities for architectural practice through the assembly of fragments for
interdisciplinary exchange
Sarah Mannion
Border Field/Apparatuses Sam Vardy + Paula McCloskey
12.40-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.40 SESSION 5 SITUATIONS Room 004, Rathdown House, Grangegorman Campus
Chair: Marcin Wojcik
A Collective Social Interface Shelly Rourke
The Expanded Field of Wollemi Art Farm Sarah Breen Lovett
Everyday culture: the cultural heritage of everyday practices in an inner city barbershop Anna Skoura
Invisibility, Appropriation and Subversion: Observation Positions at the Shankill Falls Divide Reenie Elliott, Karin
14.00-15.40 SESSION 6 CONNECTIONS Room 005, Rathdown House, Grangegorman Campus
Chair: Jim Roche
Significance of Indo-Saracenic Architecture in India during British Raj Anup Kumar Prasad
Letters from America Carole Pollard
Field Conditions at the Edge – Mi Casa es tu Casa – Worked Examples Robin Mandal
The Architecture that came in from the fringes Mairtin D’alton
15.40-16.00 Coffee
16.00-17.40 SESSION 7 TRANSITIONS Room 005, Rathdown House, Grangegorman Campus
Chair: Kevin Donovan
Architecture/Sculpture/Boundary Michael O’Connor
Architecture for Philosophers Elie Harfouche
Caring for place Helena Fitzgerald
An Urban Theory of Fuzzy Boundaries David Capener
Construction Performance – how photography records progress on site Hugh Campbell
6:00 PM Conference ends